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The Heraldry Society of Scotland - Visit The Heraldry Society of Scotland Online

The Heraldry Society of Scotland was founded in 1977 with the objective of promoting the study of heraldry and encouraging its correct use in Scotland and Overseas. - New Web portal launched to encourage visitors to follow in the footsteps of their Scottish ancestors.

A groundbreaking new web-site has been created, encouraging consumers interested in uncovering their Scottish family ties to come and find out for themselves what life was really like for their ancestors and what it means to be a Scot. For the very first time it will be possible to enter a place name, parish name or even a surname and find out where your family will have come from, what their life might have been like then and how Scotland has developed into the vibrant nation it is today.


Scottish Tourist Board the official site of Scotland's National Tourism Board.

Like millions do every year, youre about to experience one of Europes most unique holiday destinations. Everyone has their own reasons for visiting Scotland and if you want to explore the wide variety of Scottish experiences open to you Scotland has so much to offer, it's sometimes difficult to know where to start!


Tartan TV is a brand new television service featuring Scotland worldwide.

It's the result of several years of hard effort by its founders, singing star Fiona Kennedy and CEO Robert Sproul-Cran. TTV provides a global showcase for the best of what Scotland has to offer. It is now on air every week as a half-hour magazine programme on cable and satellite channels in the USA and Canada.

Contact: Robert Sproul Cran @

The Utilikilts Company - originator of the durable, practical Utility-kilt.

The Utilikilt is celebrated by men who are looking for a decidedly masculine alternative to pants. Established in Seattle WA in April 2000, Utilikilts has shot straight up the MUGS (Men's Unbifurcated Garments) ladder as the originator of the durable, practical Utility-kilt. From the casual everyday kilt to the finely tailored leather kilt, the Utilikilts comes in a variety of styles including saddle pockets, tool rigging and belt-loop models.

Through the support of their customer community, the founders of The Utilikilts Company are pleased to be part of a growing social phenomenon, inspiring debate and other companies to follow suit with similar unique designs and products. By making thoughtful, conscientious business decisions, the founders hope to both learn from corporate visionaries Past and present, and to continue to grow organically by welcoming new ideas, resources and the opinions of its customers.

For more information about The Utilikilts Company visit our web site: